Option to split into equal portions when splitting stacks

I think that it would be very helpful if, when splitting a stack of items, I had the option to split them equally into portions. For example, if I have a stack of 900 and I want to split it between 3 players, instead of having to calculate it out myself, I had the option to choose this feature and put in “3” and then it would split into 3 stacks of 300 items a stack. In the event, there is a decimal during the split, the extra could go into 1 of the stacks. 901 splits into 300, 300, 301.

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Sounds like a great candidate for the simple little things/QoL improvements thread - just make sure you match the requested format from the first post for their data dump process.

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Good idea. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve added it to that thread.

This is a fantastic, non-controversial, fairly straightforward and easy to implement idea. It is more likely to be considered and picked up if you add it to the official CCP “Little Things / Small QoL” thread:

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Yes. Thank you. I think it would be very useful, especially to miners. I added it to the official CCP “little things/Small QoL” thread earlier so hopefully they will take notice.

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