Invitation from a friend


Acabo de actualizar mi cuenta Alpha a Omega con la invitación de un amigo con este enlace

Mi amigo no ha recibido nada ni yo los 250000 puntos de skills.

Ademas quería coger la oferta que había ayer de 31€ x 2 meses + 500 plex y ya la quitasteis.

Es inaceptable que desde ayer tarde aun no hayais contestado a mi Support Solicitud #501690 siendo un servicio de pago.


I just updated my account Alpha to Omega with the invitation of a friend with this link

Link up

My friend has not received anything or me the 250000 skill points.

I also wanted to take the offer that I had yesterday of 31 € x 2 months + 500 plex and you have already removed it.

It is unacceptable that since yesterday afternoon you have not yet answered my Support Request # 501690 being a payment service.

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Did you start the account with the link?

Did you then upgrade to Omega using either PLEX or a Credit Card?

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The you are playing the wrong game. Depending on the specifics of the request, how much information you gave them and how busy the folks at CCP are it is not uncommon for a support request to take 1-2 weeks to be resolved. If they need to dig into the server side game logs to help determine the outcome of the requests an additional week or more is possible.

¿Desde ayer por la tarde? eso no importa, la mayoría de las personas tienen que esperar al menos 3 días para que una solicitud de asistencia sea respondida. y solo porque es un servicio de pago no tiene sentido. Obtenga un reembolso a través de su banco o PayPal si no está satisfecho con él.

if it isn’t perfect spanish that is because I used google translate

Spanish isn’t a officially supported language, so if you made your ticket in Spanish, it may not be answered at all.

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The spanish world realm was reallly big centuries ago, but Iceland never was part of it…
I also started a new omega via Buddy program, it worked out really great. But you have to obey all those rules, as they are described in this thread: Buddy invites and rewards from other players

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Perdon por no contestar antes pero la incidencia fue resuelta muy rapida y satisfactoriamente, gracias al equivo de CCP.

Por cierto, escribí el mensaje en ingles y español y me contestaron en perfecto castellano XD

Sorry for not answering before but the incident was resolved very quickly and satisfactorily, thanks to the mistake of CCP.

By the way, I wrote the message in English and Spanish and they answered me in perfect Spanish XD

Seemed to work out ok for them at least :smiley:

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