IRA - Interstellar Republican Army - Nullsec Shenanigans

Interstellar Republican Army.

Dia dhaoibh a chairde! (Hello) A warm Irish welcome to you.

We are a small group of pilots looking for YOUR help to become a leading corporation in our Alliance. We have an active, involved leadership and are looking for EU and US TZ players to join us and help make this Corporation a home for all. We fly proudly with our Alliance Hardly Competent… The Alliance holds Nullsec Sov where we have access to Ratting, Mining and Industry.

We live with our coalition; Kairos Initiative, and fight alongside Rekking Crew in many large scale fights.

As a corp our main focus is on making content regularly available to our members however we need an active strong memberbase to make this happen. This is where we hope YOU can help US and make this corporation a home. However, our first, and foremost objective is to have a bit of craic and enjoy the game as best we can.

We do understand that everyone can not pvp 24/7 so we have a very relaxed approach to the game, however, there may be certain scenarios where if you’re online your participation is very much necessary. We also understand the need for a flow of income and offer opportunities in - Abyssal, Exploration, T2 Production, PI, Industry and Null Sec Ratting and many different mining opportunities (Moons, Nullsec, Lowsec)

We are looking for all different types of pilots who are not just focused on one aspect of the game but participate in all aspects of the corp. The corp has access to all different types of moons and structures in High, Low and Null which members can use freely.

What we offer

  • An Active Leadership
  • Help with ships + fits so you can make the most isk possible in Nullsec and Lowsec
  • A NullSec and Lowsec HQ
  • A Blue Nullsec and Lowsec Pocket
  • Daily Null Sec and Lowsec Ratting and Mining
  • Advanced Industry (T2 Production)
  • Ore ‘buy back’ Programme
  • Regular Corp Ops - PVP, Abyssal, PVE and Exploration
  • Access to Raitaru’s and Athanors in our Nullsec and Lowsec Pocket for Industry R64, R32 Moons
  • Small and Large Scale PvP Ops with our Alliance and Coalition, the Kairos Initiative
  • Large Scale PVP Ops with Rekking Crew.
  • Corp Doctrines
  • SRP


  • No Assholes
  • Access to Discord, Teamspeak and Mumble
  • A want to be involved in helping the corp grow
  • RL first attitude

We don’t care what your experience is, We only care if you’re a decent, down to earth person.

Our Killboard - Interstellar Republican Army | Corporation | zKillboard

Contact for Recruitment:

Gak Maulok (EU), Kayra Nathuul (EU) or Rizz Martense (US) by Private Conversation or EvE Mail

Join in-game channel - IRA-PUB

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Bump, bump. Still looking for new corpies :slight_smile:

Great corp full of great guys! Highly recommend joining these guys. they will teach you loads and are very laid back.

Still looking :slight_smile: Fell free to drop into our channel IRA-PUB

Bump bump, if you’re considering a new corp we’re always recruiting

Still looking for pilots to join our crew! :slight_smile:

Come join our band of wonderful misfits. We’re now also looking for USTZ recruits as well as EUTZ :slight_smile:

Come have a chat and maybe we will be the right spot for you. EU? US? We cater for all :slight_smile:

Since our last bump we’ve also taken some null sec space! Why not join and help us grow :slight_smile:

Always open to new members :slight_smile:

Still Recruiting :slight_smile:

Been playing this game for way too many years but have found somewhere that still teaches me stuff with an awesome tight group - come be part of it

We’ve been growing our EU and US TZ over the past few days. If you’re looking for a new corp we might be for you!

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Bump Bump. Drop into our public channel IRA-PUB today :slight_smile:

we are recruiting again :smiley:

Big Bump, come hang out in the pub!

Recruiting yet again :smiley: come say hi and have a chat :slight_smile:

BIG BUMP :slight_smile: