Iron associates is recruiting industrial and mining corporations

Iron associates is recruiting mining and industrial corps for operation in Fountain. Smaller PVE corps also welcome.

What we offer:
Sov null space to mine and rat in
excellent infrastructure (structures, POCOs etc etc)
Training in all aspects of eve
Amazing ISK making opportunities

What we are looking for:
Confident, dedicated groups of pilots
Miners and production chains

Contact Malleus Raven in game or via discord for more information on system prices and renter programs, the land lord is Iron Armada

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TO THE TOP! you have a corp looking for a home? come talk to me

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still looking for corporations! hit me up!

do you want to mine and/or rat? i got a deal for you!

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still looking for perspective corporations. do you like isk? come talk to me about making freighter loads of it

Super cool folks doing super cool things.

still looking for ratting, mining and industrial corps!

I have been away, but we are still recruiting! come check us out!

still looking for corporations, its pretty rad over here.

massive isk potential, come check us out. new year new home?

hey guys! come check us out!