[IRONE] Iron Inquisition - Daily Nullsov EVE Online enjoyers

Hi, this corp is recruiting players who use voice communication to play EVE. We have been around for years and consist of only people who enjoy the group. New faces are always welcome, including new to EVE pilots. Our current activity is establish a new foothold in sov space, which means logistics and learning about who fuzzlesov is

► Average age is about 30
► US time zone heavy
► The passcode is gravy
► Small gang, few blues

Come check us out, ‘Iron Inquisition’ in-game chat.


New day, need some industrial strength cleaners out here

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Don’t get stuck in Hi-sec forever, come join a friendly corp today!

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Great group of peeps. Absolute blast to fly around with in their crazy endeavors. Highly recommend whether you be new or experienced.


Hello, we are searching for some hulk pilots to mine with us


Still recruiting! Looking for pilots new or old to come fly with us.


Still looking for pilots to come fly!


bump like amber heard


Still looking for active pilots!

Bump, come fly and chill!

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