(USTZ) Iron Inquisition [Hisec Miners] [Null, WH]

Hi5sec [IRONE] recruitment is currently open for its latest adventure: The Miners make a wrong turn.

Traditionally a hi-sec mining corporation lead by a long time eve-enjoyer Jack Harvey, has taken a wrong turn and found ourselves in unknown space. Equipped with nothing more than mining lasers and an unknown quantity of wits we are seeking pilots that are interested in a new foothold in null sov.

Things we offer:

Pilots we are looking for:

  • Old or new Pilots
  • Pilots who want to fight and defend our space
  • Ability to join voice comms(Discord)

Recruitment contacts:

  1. Serghar Snow
  2. Zadie Lamia
  3. Jack Harvey

In-Game pub chat: Iron Inquisition

Discord: Hisec Miners



I joined trying to figure out how to utilize my porpoise to better suit my needs. In a very short time I have learned how to solo in the porpoise and have joined the ranks of the best porpoise pilots in the game thanks to my mining brothers and sister.

Highly recommend 7.3/10, Mining

gud mining

Still looking for pilots capable of pressing many buttons.

We don’t only mine rocks, but also players:

Miners are still recruiting, contact us today!

Miners are still recruiting!

Miners still looking for pilots. Contact us today!

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