Miners and industrialists wanted for null sec corporation

Legends Unbound is now recruiting miners and industry orientated pilots to secure a strong industrial backbone and economic future.

I am happy to present an invitation to all aspiring miners and industrialists.

  • We provide Orca and Porpoise mining boosts in high sec and in null sec for all your mining and ice mining needs.
  • We provide T1 mining barges for you personal use on a contract system in both null sec and high sec.
  • We provide ship replacement program for you mining losses.
  • We have a standing fleet for rapid null sec assistance and safety.
  • We have discord voice communication
  • We have strong leadership, weekly and long term goals.
  • We have our own research, invention and manufacturing facilities.
  • We have a large blue print original library which you may request copies from.
  • We have the best ore, ice and Pi in the game with a short and safe rout to it.
  • We have an Ore, ice, module and salvage buy back system.
  • Laid back friendly atmosphere, real life comes first and nothing is mandatory.

What we are looking for are:

  • Active mining and industrial characters
  • US or EU tz
  • English speaking only please
  • No drama queens!
  • Full API on request please

Convo RobinLocksley in game or join “Unbound Recruitment” for a friendly chat.

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Are you still looking for newbros that focus mining/Indy? I have 4 accounts that I play (1 booster, 2 miners, 1 hauler) and I’m currently in a high sec corp but looking to make a big transition into a lowsec/WH corp.