[Ironman] Rags to Nag

Rags To Nags is a group ironman project focused on the construction of dreadnoughts from the ground up using nothing but our own hands and as few outside player interactions as possible. This means we are NOT using things like the player ran market or player owned stations, unless we build and maintain them ourselves! The full list of rules and restrictions can be found in the Discord, use the link below.

The goal of this project is to form a completely self sustaining group that can build dreads from scratch. From the minerals for the capital parts to the planetary interactions needed for player owned structures. For now, we have a high focus on exploration and industry as we continue to build a base for the entire project. We have just completed out first ratting op as a group and have most of our members have started their PI chains

Currently, we are accepting all new accounts; Omega or Alpha and some preexisting ironman accounts. We are currently stationed in high sec for easy access to missions, low level DED sites, low class wormholes for combats, exploration and mining and lastly resource wars.

Notable achievements:

  • Required LP for 3 Mining Barges + Fit

  • Vexor BPO

  • Total corporation value of 1 Billion ISK

Things we plan to do in the near future:

  • Buy our first Battlecruiser BPO

  • Buy the Porpoise BPO

Any questions, concerns, or recruitment needs may be handled through discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/bUSbvZv

But why?

For the thrill of the fight

Still looking for recruits. Headquarters is setup and we are currently working towards an Algos BPO.

Algos and Hammerhead 1 BPO Aquired. Working on Vexor BPO and looking to start a PI chain for future builds. Still looking for members!

Half way to the Vexor BPO. Hoping to start the farm for mining barges this weekend.

Vexor BPO purchased, Future is looking bright. Join if you are up to the challenge!

First Vexor made, currently working on getting the LP required to buy procurers when the times comes.

Still looking for new people to help with the project!

Still looking for members!

Still looking for new players to join the project. Alpha accounts welcomed, Omegas are needed.

Plan to start mapping the PI chain here soon, so more bodies the better :slight_smile:

Still looking for members!

Finishing up the LP required for the first set of Barges.

Need people to pilot them!

Still looking for new members to join the project!

Still looking for active members to join the project!

Still looking for members of all timezones!

Still looking for members! First set of ratting ships are being completed as we speak!

Still looking for members.

First ratting Op completed, Most members have a PI chain setup. About a 3rd of the way to a Battlecruiser! Still looking for memebers!

Still looking for active members. Roster is up to 14 accounts!

Still looking for members!

Just got our first MTUs and Pirate BPC. Continuing to push forward with developments in the project