Rags to Nags

Rags to Nags is back at it again.

Thanks to some recent attention generated from u/Dynamite56 recent solo Ironman, we have decided to start recruitment for the project again!

Rags to Nags is a group Ironman project set out to build Naglfar Dreadnaughts from the ground up, this includes everything from our first Venture, to our first structure and to finally the dread itself, all by hand with no player interaction outside of the corp.

This means no use of the player ran economy (Market, contracts, hypernet, etc), public fleets, other player owned stations and stargates and more.

Currently, we are accepting all new accounts; Omega or Alpha and some preexisting ironman accounts*. We are currently stationed in high sec for easy access to missions, low level DED sites, low class wormholes for combat, exploration and mining and lastly resource wars.

We are primarily USTz and EUTz.

Any questions, concerns, or recruitment needs may be handled through discord at the following link: Discord

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