WarDogs Industrial Arms

WarDogs Industrial Arms

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Mining and manufacturing goods around NewEden from the smallest drones to the Largest Stations. We make it a point to run Mining operations on a Grand scale eating entire belts at a time. Currently in the works of setting up a production chain unlike any other to supply the losses people have in low sec with a convenient little trade hub. Manufacturing is our primary focus. We use PvP as a defensive means to protect our honeypot when war is declared on us. This is a great place to Learn/Refamilrize your self with the extremely high learning curve that Eve demands. Industrial Arms is also a fantastic place to build up your ISK.

We also have a great many Pilots that are extremely knowledgeable, that are more than willing to teach the basics for the player wanting to learn Mission Running, Exploration and may other core components of the Eve.


What we offer:

  • High sec Mining Operation (with Orca support as often as possible)
    • Discounted price on Ventures and T1 Mining Barges
  • T1&T2 Ship Building with Station Program in the works.
  • Fleeted Level 3/4 missions for faction boosting and rewards.
  • High Sec/Low Sec Exploration.
    -Low Sec PvP is accepted
  • A low Tax rate (Keep your rewards)
  • Solid learning platform
  • Decoration System
  • Research and Invention

What we are looking for:

  • Active players Maturity is very Important
    • Real life ALWAYS comes first
  • People sociable and with good team spirit
    • Working Mic is a must
    • Omega Clone
    • Alpha Clone
  • People always willing to learn.
  • Miners
  • Industrialists
  • Mission Runners
  • Fighters

All corp Assets are Locked down and access to corp assets are based on activity and support of the corp.
General Members Hanger with access to higher level resources is only after a 30 day Trial Probationary Period. Lack of participation may not get you booted but you will not have the higher access.

Inactivity will be kicked unless a simple Leave of Absence LOA is given. Its a game and we understand real life is more important and can rejoin at any time as long as you left the Corporation on good terms.

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Recruitment is still actively open, for those with a good sense of team spirit.

Good small corp but does want to grow!

We are still activly recruting members hope to see you soon message my B-E-A-utiful face in game

We are still looking to recruit more players

Recruitment is still open to those that are interested

We are still actively recruiting players.

Hi jumped into your recruitment channel but didn’t see anyone active

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