Is 32-bit version still valid?


I’m planing some vacation very soon, and was going to install Eve on my old laptop, which is 32 bit. During installation, I got message that 32-bit is no longer in use and only 64-bit exist. I found on couple of websites that it is still possible to run Eve on 32-bit (posts are a bit old), but with some 3rd party tools.

So I was wandering, is this possible, but before that, is this legal? Will I get banned/notified if I try running somehow a 32-bit version? Or is this not possible at all?

Many thanks in advance for answer,

32-bit? Even 10 year old laptops have 64-bit support.

Might want to check again if it’s 64-bit.

I see many people installing 32-bit Linux on 64-bit hardware then go “oh I thought it was 32-bit” and then I check Intel Ark database and it’s actually 64-bit.

Which processor do you have? It’s easy to check.

The CPU might have 64 bit, but the operation system might not have it. There have been a lot of Windows 7 with only 32 bit.
There are even Windows 10 with 32 bit.

Upgrade it then, until then… too bad.

Sorry but question here is about 32-bit of version of Eve, not my processor (which is 32-bit for sure)…

32-bit version of Eve is dead

Minimum 64-bit, says so right there

You have more chance at getting a native Linux version than 32-bit

The 32bit client was removed a while ago, so no you’re likely just up a low sec pipe without a scout

While true the windows product keys for win 7,8 and 10 are valid for both 32 and 64 bit versions of the OS. If you have 32 bit windows on a 64 bit architecture an upgrade to 64 bit windows is simply a matter of reinstalling the OS from the appropriate source and using your preexisting product key.

This means your CPU is at least 17 years old?

I had already quite some lag on an old Athlon64. Don`t even want to know how it would be on a CPU that is even older.

But i just saw that it is not even this long ago, that the 32 bit client was turned off.

Will yah still need me? Will yah still feed me when I’m 64?

is eve still supported on the Casio FX115ESPLUS?

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