Does Anyone Know Where to Find the 64Bit Eve download?

I am not that great with personal computers and lately I had been seeing some very strange discontinuous with my brain power to function and they told me that I need more fiber in my diet.

To the point about Eve. and for some reason I don’t understand why the things only seem to happen to me.

Could it be how I log out of eve by turning off the power at wall? Anyway here is what had been happening and for some reason when I download the eve install file and run it is shows that it is a 32 bit option.

This is what I am seeing when I try to download the eve download at the 2:38min mark

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The installer may still be 32 bit. The installed application is now 64 bit only.


Where do you see what version you are running?
And please change test server to Beyond Thunderdome.


If you are on Windows open taskmanager -> details -> look for exefile.exe right click on it and select properties.
It should show you something like /bin64/exefile.exe.

This was ages ago thanks for the giggle memories as I do not know what frame of mind I was when I did that.

Haha… yeah


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