Is it currently possible to rent space in Delve/Period Basis/Querious regions?


I was wondering if there’s some way for a small corp like mine, to be able to quietly rat in Delve/Period Basis/Querious and pay a monthly rent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Querious is open to people willing to join there, to live in delve you have to be part of the Imperium,

Check that link for possible contact to live in the Querious FightClub or Join the Imperium.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your corp size might be a bit small but go for it. From what i recall QFC is free to live in, The Imperium has Tax. I would recommend getting more members and structure before tackling QFC.

Oki doki :slight_smile: Will investigate :]

The thing with the QFC is that is meant to be fought over and all that jazz, but people kinda just rat from time to time roaming gangs and Goons come in for a fight.

When the QFC works it’s awesome but it can easily become carebear land 2.0, So there is safe space to pve, but don’t be toooo big carebears.

Send me a msg IG if you want to know more.

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