Is it possible to exclude lowsecs from buy orders?

Recently I made a few buy orders for Tritanium and unfortunately it happened that someone sold his stuff to me on a lowsec station. Its a little bit aggravating to get the stuff alone with my Freighter, so I thought it could be possible to exclude lowsecs in buy orders… somehow.

Using the market settings, filtering only for highsec doesnt apply to buy orders (only the overview is affected). Putting the sectors intto the “Avoiding List” is something I also tried, but Im not sure if this will work (doubt it).

Any solution to this problem?

(I’ll get my stuff, even alone, thats not the problem - so please no solution “how to get my stuff”)

While I can certainly understand your situation but unfortunately it’s not possible to exclude specific systems or parts of space. if you want to avoid getting your buy order(s) fulfilled in lowsec, you’d have to limit the range so that such a system is not within the range of the buy order.

Ok, thank you.

So I pay a Broker a horrendous sum of ISK and he is not able to buy things for me only in highsec?
Thats really a bad thing, isnt it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Setting buy orders at 2-5 jumps actually works splendidly, since most trade is around the hub. And if you are very annoyed at going into low sec, you can simply (remotely) resell the stuff in the same station, and still make a profit :slight_smile:

If I see a buy order for a really good price, but not good enough to risk low-sec, and I don’t know for a fact the the system is in high-sec I will always set a course for it first to make certain that it’s not in low-sec or within a high-sec bubble. It only takes about a second to do that.

In Dodixie I used to set buy orders to 2 jumps for that reason. It still captures most commerce anyway.

Sometimes I did also post regionwide orders and just post courier contracts to move the stuff that gets sold to me in terrible locations. There are plenty of useful idiots who will move a battleship hull (50000m^3) from Egghelende (dangerous lowsec system) to Dodixie for 1 to 2 million ISK, and will front up 250 million collateral.

Usually they make it; sometimes you get lucky and they do not make it.

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