Is it still worth the risk For Capital mining ships

After reading and studying the last round of changes to Capital mining ships.

I’m debating on whether it’s worth my time training the two characters I’ve been training into capitals

My goal was to have one mining ship defend the other together basically runoff anything small I know if a large fleet dropped on me I’ll be screwed but I’m not sure with all the shield changes if that’s even possible anymore.

I’m 87 days away on one and like 200 and some days on the other, I was planning to go to Capital mining.

What am I better option am I better off now training for Max jump freighter and jumping myself out there quiet Regent with a couple of barges and orca I’m currently training my third barge character but I have pretty much one pretty good skilled Orca pilot level four then I’m working on level five right now

i’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do here. Are you planning on filling up a JF with an Orca + Mining Barges, jumping it to some empty space and trying to mine with those ships? You’ll need a Station, Citadel, or some other Fitting system in order to Assemble and Fit those ships up for mining.

Also, I would double check to see the amount of Cargohold that a JF has compared to the size of a packaged Orca.

The TL:DR; is that it’s still worth. The Rorqual is a very good mining ship and its one of the few mining ships you can use in relative safety for long periods of time without spending too much effort micromanaging everything.

Of course, this also depends on several other factors such as the region, whether you have an alliance to help provide cover for you, whether you properly fit your ships to survive long enough for rescue, etc. But the short answer is that it’s still worth.

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Thank you very much I’m still in the research phase I may end up going wormhole

Without a good support fleet, your rorqual, if you choose to get one, will be prime target for being killed.

And they are very expensive.

And without a good understanding of where you are, jumping in a jump freighter, and an orca/mining barge fleet will also get destroyed pretty fast.

Youre doing a lot of very risky things.

Yes, its still very much possible for a large fleet to kill you. Even a small fleet is also good enough to kill you.

Wormholes are also very risky, and very difficult to accomplish, if you dont know what youre doing.

lets look at Hi sec and null sec mining - Rorqual - Barge v Orca - Barge

Rorqual + Barge can easily out mine a Orca + Barge if it can mine uninterrupted

Orca with maxed skills + Hulk with maxed skills moon mining in hi is the way to go if you want to mine uninterrupted - allowing for gankers :stuck_out_tongue:

As for investment Orca + Barge is the cheapest opposition for return.

Or go full “Ivan” get 10 pilots and AFK Orca mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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