Is it worth to equip a cloaking device for 'Imicus'?

After several explorations with Imicus, I start to feel cloking is not useful for Imicus because only thing I can do when I cloak is probe scanning.

So if I do scanning after warping to safe places like planets, then I feel no difference…

What do you think?

Having a cloaking device on an Imicus is definitely worth it. You can live quite well without it on an Imicus, but the cloak makes you more difficult to catch. Cloak is a powerful thing and it gives you options.

That is not safe place. Safe place is bookmark in the middle of space, where nobody can warp to you, unless they probe you down with combat probes.

You can warp between safe spots while scanning signatures and it will be very safe. You create more safe spots while warping.
The problematic parts are basicaly two:

  1. the first is the site while hacking. People will decloak by you without any warning like probes etc. Cloak will not save you here (cloak on covops ship might do, but that would be another topic. Imicus is not a covops). First and most important task while hacking is to GTFO from enemy ships before they can gang you. Hacking is second.
  2. Gates. If you jump into a camped gate, then you are likely history in an Imicus. But the cloak will give you better chance to escape. Cloak + MWD might save you. Go for “Improved cloaking device II” which doesn’t reduce your cloaked speed so much as prototype cloaking device.

I would recommend to practise more and later shift into an Astero. Astero is covops, uses “Covert Ops cloaking device II” and can warp while cloaked. Imicus can’t do that. Astero can deal with both above described situations very well… surprisingly well. Do not use the Astero fit which you lost. Combat Astero fit looks differently. Use ninja fit instead, more close to the Imicus fit. The Imicus fit which you have on zkill is fine.




Have a look at Cloaked, in a properly-positioned safe-spot, you simply can’t be found.

Caveats -
Cloak-up as soon as you get to the safe-spot, giving your opposition no time to combat-scan you down in that location.
Launch your probes before you warp to the safe-spot, and hit Analyze immediately, so others can’t work-out your entry-point by scanning your clustered probes.
It’s worth defining more than one safe-spot, in case you carelessly manage to uncloak without realising.

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Thanks! It is very helpful advise.

Thanks. Ok. Somebody can track me by the location of probes… Good information!

No, but they could possibly track the gate where you arrived, and be waiting for you when you want to leave.

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depends where you are scanning, if in a wormhole then absolutely, in k-space like low or null sec then only if local is empty.

Btw, warping to a planet is not necessarily safe, you need to create a bookmark between warp points then cloak there to be safe.

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When bored or just want to go afk for a long time but not in the mood to turn off EVE you can always use your cloaking device to harvest freighter loads of tears. :sweat_drops: :droplet: :wink:

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Fitting a T2 cloak + MWD also allows you to survive gate camps more easily:

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I love cloaks but they have their downsides. You can argue any T1 exploration frigate can get away with NOT using one. But it is safer and often more profitable to just have one.

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