Is level 5 really so necessary?

Where can I find one of these T3 crusaders? Sounds like a riot.

yes ! but still no …

best answer is :

  • It Depends …

if youre a newbro then LvL 5 should never be your first goal !
if youre an experienced player then its the last step to get the last few % out of your ship but not necessary !

as an example :
i startet eve and at first i skilled all combat subcap ship up to lvl 4 incl their weapon systems and support skills ( except magic 14´s but still not lvl 5 at once ) and after this i take closer look what ship i want to fly at most and this was the first i skilled at lvl 5 and as it was lvl 5 i skilled the T2 version to lvl 4

for me, it was the best way to collect every content i could get ! it took a long time but still was the best choice and i would do it again if i need to !

not sure if you mean T3 ships or a crusader xD and still both dont need the 100% lvl 5 skills

I had a moment of brain fart there. What I meant to say was that when you’re skilling for the strategic cruiser it’s not as important to get to V in your Cruiser skills but it’s imperative you get to V in the Core subsystems skills.