Is manufacturing profitable these days

I agree, bots are usually inflexible in reacting to changes, unless AI … but still. It’s more like if there is a certain job which requires a certain pattern to succeed on average, a bot has an advantage.

So the human’s goal should be not to try competing with a bot on its own pattern.

To the original Q, I was looking deeper into my stock of prints I hoarded years ago and a few evergreens are still or again profitable to make.


Once again the game is on :heart_eyes:. Manufacturing in definitely profitable in your selected specialization.

I came back to the game almost 1.5 years ago after a 10+ years break and was having the exact same thought as you. I’m not a T2 BPO owner so my position was far more worse. :wink:

Manufacturing still is profitable – if a 15% to 20% margin is enough for you – but simply requires more work compared to several years ago – which is a good thing.

In the past 1.5 years I went from turning 2bil isk in raw materials into a 2.4bil isk finished products batch to turning 50bil isk raw material into 60bil isk of finished product batch.

  • Get out of HS.
  • Get structures with rigs.
  • Do the reactions as well.
  • Get an efficient raw material suppy pipeline up and running.
  • Make some friend who can supply raw materials locally at fair (for them) prices.
  • Make some other friends for direct sales, avoid having to drag finished products back to trade hubs, avoid sales taxes.

I’m faily certain that station trading, ratting in wormholes and running high tier abyssals will make more isk per hour but for me … I just like it. :laughing:


when you have six 20+ day manufacturing jobs going, what else are you going to do while you wait for those to tic down until they are ready to be delivered?

both is always an option.

Get some logistics done to get those other 10+ slots going as well. :wink:

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The forced Photon UI release meant the broken Market Bots in Jita became very easy to spot patch-day:

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That could be me. And I swear I’m not a rob’); drop * from user_table; commit;

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This is great information IMO. To paraphrase… Build to market not expectation. If I’m incorrect my apologies. When I was online 5-6 years ago I believe this is how I ran my Industry.

Your best bet is to build ships for the faction war, Navy and T1 and then populate the high sec NPC stations along the border of the faction war zones.

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