Is Shield Operation skill bugged?

I use Shield Booster fit. I wanted to reduce booster activation time by skilling Shield Operation:


but after skilling it few times the Active Defence for shield boosting in fitting window didn’t to change:


I can see in space that info on shield booster still shows activation time 3 sec despite having Shield Operation at 4 level:


You can see the same when checking show info on module:

You can see there that there are stats affected by skills and implants but Activation time / duration remain intact. Is this a skill bug or skill definition error? Is this a skill bug or skill definition error? Or maybe it is not shown in other places but does take an effect (I doubt it, I don’t feel any difference after skilling Shield Operation few times)?

Training the Shield Operation skill does multiple things.

  1. It is a requirement to use shield boosters.
  2. It reduces your passive shield recharge time by 5% per level.

Increasing the skill does not directly make your active defences better, but it allows you to use better shield boosters which can make your active defences better. Increasing the skill does make your passive shield regeneration better.

So no, it does not seem bugged to me.


Ran out of likes. So, ^^this is correct. Take my updoot.

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Seems fair. I found some guides that suggest this skill directly affect shield boosters. Also pyfa is showing higher shield boost with higher Shield Operation. So all of them are wrong.

So if Shield Operation do not affect shield booster recharge per second - is there other skill responsible for that? Armor repair subsystems have Repair Systems skill.

Shield boosting does not change in Pyfa with higher or lower Shield Operation skill. Only the passive shield regeneration value changes. The guide may be wrong.

There is no other skill that affects shield boosters, like there is for armour. But shields are unique in that they have shield boost amplifiers, which is something armour ships do not have.

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