Is Standup M-Set Moon Ore grading Processor rig useless on highsec athanor

Am i reading the stats right in that this 700mil rig does nothing for highsec reprocessing of moon ore. ie 1x bonous.

Yet it states in the description that it does this for all moon-goo!

i see not increase in efficiency in highsec calc on reprocessing moon goo?

am i missing something here?

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1.0x is the baseline. It gives you the bonus simply by existing.

The point is to encourage Lowsec and Nullsec use, which is why they get their respective extra bonus.

It’s just like players and skills. Items have a baseline stat. Your skills and other mods add ability based on that baseline stat.

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Refining rigs do two things:

  • change your base reprocessing %. A T1 medium rig changes it from 50 to 51%
  • In lower security space, provide a further bonus to refining %

So in high sec you get 51% times 1.0, just 51%. In low sec you get 51% times 1.06, roughly 54% and in NS something like 57%. Then multiply that by skills and everything as usual.


Everything is Explained here

Now the question is: Why did this topic not come up in the Suggested Topics overlay when the OP created this topic? Or did it?

I don’t believe that the forums is looking for similar threads when you are creating a new one

hi will check and post the results from athanor in HS

sorry for late reply

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