Is the server ok

Logged in after DT at about 11:10 , now it’s 12:50 Eve time and i still get traffic control on the gates.

TC or systems not being active? Systems remain offline after DT until someone activated a gate to enter them. If no one entered a system you will keep seeing “System offline” for hours after DT. That’s particularly true for deep null sec. No idea if it works the same with wormholes, however. In either case, it’s perfectly normal.

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Nullsec , but it was traffic along the systems i have entered.
Usually for me this lasted for 10-15 minutes after DT , but today it was for almost 2 hours.

There are two types of traffic control in my experience:

The first type happens after downtime if you are the first to try to jump into a particular system, I assume because the server needs to load that system.

As Zhalyd said, this can happen long after downtime if no one visited that system before you in that time.

The other type of traffic control is if you try to jump into a system while hundreds of other players try to jump into the same system, in which case the server takes longer to load all requests.

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