Is there a route for querying system details in bulk?

Is there a route for querying system details in bulk?

I see EVE Swagger Interface route however,
/universe/systems/{system_id} only gives one system detail.

For example if I want to query a route using EVE Swagger Interface with /route/{origin}/{destination} but with more details on the system I have to perform N follow up queries for each system in the returned route of system_id’s. Local caching aside, there is still the issue of that first uncached bulk query.

For example this is problematic if you want a command line tool (using PowerShell for example) to query a route with system details. You’re spawning off N thread jobs (not a problem but just moving parts to wait and receive results for) for each system in the route rather than just one more query for the bulk route details. For tools like this you’re probably not locally caching anyway for simplicity.

Basically spawning follow up queries in PowerShell like this

foreach ($system in $route){
      if ($Parallel.IsPresent){
        $threadJobs[$routeIndex] = Start-ThreadJob -Name $routeIndex -InputObject $system -ScriptBlock {Get-EveSystem -SystemId $input}

waiting and receiving the results like so

    if ($Parallel.IsPresent){
      Wait-Job -Job $threadJobs -Timeout 60
      foreach ($threadJob in $threadJobs){
        $routeDetail[[int]$threadJob.Name] = Receive-Job -Job $threadJob
        Remove-Job -Job $threadJob

No, for that you can use Fuzzwork dumps and a database:
Querying EVE API for such nearly static data is bad resource usage.

No, I don’t want to consume more dependencies, it’s a module with functions written in Powershell for command line use.

What you’re asking me to do is bloat up a simple command line tool. No Fing way.

It is not a desktop app, it is not a hosted website, it’s a COMMAND LINE TOOL, a FEW FUNCTIONS.

As for static resources, SDE parity checklist · Issue #1103 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub is a ticket to move them into the API.

It’s just against the way the API wants to be used. Your tool is an edge case in this case.

Just because someone wants to see this in the API doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing.

Ahh yes the ESI is for websites only thinking.

Eve itself is an edge case in the gaming world.

Not what I said.

Well, what else is the API for if somebody doesn’t want it?

The whole point of the API is for somebody to use it.

I have no problem sending 100 query threadjobs every time I use the tool then. I am not going to bloat up my app just to suit your “no no” desires and hinder what is simply copy a PowerShell module across to deploy.

The API is for “changing” data. For static data you have the dumps. That’s a healthier way for the API’s resource usage.

That’s filed under “not my problem”.

The direction is to move to API parity SDE parity checklist · Issue #1103 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

Source: SDE parity checklist · Issue #1103 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

I am not going to code against something that is to be DEPRECATED.

Everyone can file feature requests. To assert that CCP wants to comply to this and will is pire speculation. The time this request is open doesn’t really support your assertion.

I am sure the API doesn’t care about your problem and I have a guess who will “win” this fight…

ESI is dead anyway, CCP abandoned it long ago. SDE to be deprecated too.

Not sure what you’re winning.

Yes, it’s easier for some people to think of their dream way but that’s not how it works.

You’re like the goblin who pops up in every topic just to respond, for the sake of it, see Roadmap for third party developers and the API - #2 by Paz_Lammaschtu you add nothing of value.

Powershell works with Objects, I don’t need your formatting or bloat.

I see you are not interested in a solution. Do yourself and the community a favour and leave the forum.

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Not yours no, if we followed your solutions, hosting a simple “hello world” in the cloud would have umpteen modules and services behind it and cost a fortune.

Figure 1: You

Classy, you act like you’re some kind of godlike entity with a non-answer for everything.

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