Is there an Eve Accounting Program?

I’m looking for something to replace Eve Mentat from when I last indied 100 years ago.

Eve Mentatwas amazing, it kept track of income, expense and allowed you to track your industry costs over time. Does something like that still exist? If not, what do you use to do your accounting? If it is a spreadsheet system like GESI, I’d appreciate some tips and pointers.

Thank you!
(Edited to refer to the right actual program)

So like, spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets? Kinky!


Pointers… I happen to make points - if you want some you can always buy them in Hek xD

But how do I know the value of the points over time if I cannot track how much I spent on them over several iterations??
What can use to track this data?
I must track this data!

This may be what you’re looking for:

Personally, I have a small selection of products where I know the market cycle and my “floor” price. I judge how well I’m doing by the state of my wallet. As long as it keeps growing I don’t worry about the details.

Understand the problem. Wallet health says nothing (most of the time my buy orders exceeds my sell order + wallet)

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