Profittracker ... like evetrademaster it was

Hi, do someone know a profit tracker like it was ?
i mean that automaticaly say how much clean profit you did, at the end of a day, week or month and that can track corp wallet. clean profit i mena where the whole broker tax, sales taxes are deducted based on corp journal…

i tried this: but it dont show the information that were shown on evetrdaemaster like that:

This could be done by a spreadsheet.

Take a look to my Service 📄 [SERVICE] Spreadsheets

hmm… again a tool that dont calculate based on the journal… am i right? ( ) because in every citadel the taxes are diffenrent and the journal show exactly the amount that is paid… is there a way to calculate profit, based on journal and not on jita citadel? and does it track corp orders and corp journal?

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