Is there an Phone App that lists items on the market?

Seen many items with same listing times (expiring times) which had me wondering is that an app that lists many orders at once?

That app is called a browser.


No, but the Eve client does.

Select multiple items, then choose ‘multi-sell’ from the context menu.

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Sweet, thanks was hoping for a phone app but yeah that can work I guess.

Actually, I may have dreamt this, but I think at Eve Vegas last fall CCP announced that they were working on the ability to trade PLEX with the official Eve Portal phone app on the market. That hasn’t appeared yet as far as I am aware.

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That’s what happened I was taking an afternoon nap today (like normal blokes my age)
when I thought you know what, there has to be some better way to buy and sell in bulk.

I do sleep in the pod, sometimes undocked and feel that is the best time to think deep thoughts bout New Eden and the market place.


Oh, I misunderstood your question. Sorry.

cool story bro
i like it :heart:

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Which part, the first or the 2nd, and wondering if you could read between the lines on the 2nd part.

/ oh oh it’s been answered anyway on the latest VoD we’re getting a app to buy and sell plex.

i find it cute you taking a nap
inside you capsule and thinking about markets
i identify with that
looks like a younger me lol

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