Is there anyway to get some Mercium?

(DJ Centauri) #1

I am doing lv. 1 mining mission and the agent wants me to mine 10,000 units of Mercium BUT there are only around fifty thousands at the site.

I tried every method to find Mercium asteroids in the area, but there is no…

I believe this is a bug and just want to buy or get some Mercium but it is not in the market.

Is there any solution?

(Rivr Luzade) #2

If you need 10,000 but the mission provides you with 50,000, where is the problem?

(DJ Centauri) #3

Oops, my mistake. It was five thousands.

(elitatwo) #4

If you are sure that you cannot find any more of those rocks, file a petition and a GM will reset the mission for you or you wait until after the downtime, where the mission should be reset itself.

(DJ Centauri) #5

Thank you for answering. I solved the problem after finding additional Merciums in the cargo of my other ship. Stupid!