Is there still any titan-kill event in jita during anniversary?

i just miss it on may 6, i hope there would be another titan-kill event during anniversary , may be we can do the ending of anniversay with another titan-kill event ?

hi guys, shall we?

A titan appeared outside of Jita 4-4 and everyone shot at it until it died, pointless and boring.

Now a smaller ship loaded up with precious loot, zipping around from point to point in Jita would have been much more fun, with everyone madly warping about trying to catch it and kill it.

There you go CCP, you can have that idea for free, the even better ideas will cost you

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Imagine that with 10% TiDi, these forums would explode with “ccp, wth were you thinking”


no problem about TiDi, i just want to kill some huge thing from ccp during aaniversary :heart_eyes:

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