Is WR0NG right for you?

We’re still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations! Come check us out!

Still recruiting!

Low standards!

Recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations! Bring your friends!

just eating paint chips here and bumping the add.
come join the we need more window licking paste eaters to join in the descord and blow up ships with.

Roadkill…somtimes your the opossum somtimes the truck.

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Still recruiting meat shields to protect our Russian friends pilots for fun and adventure!

We’re still growing! Come check us out!

Still recruiting despite some salty dude on reddit’s best efforts!

Still actively recruiting despite CCP’s best efforts to ruin everything!

We’re recruiting individual pilots, groups of pilots, or entire corporations! Come help us build an “empire” in null sec!

Where ya’ll located at nowadays?

Sorry for the delayed response … We live in Impass right now!

Still recruiting!