Is WR0NG right for you?

Hey there!

Wanna join a shitty null sec alliance?

Wanna get pinged in Russian at all hours of the day and night?

Wanna have the most convoluted set of blues and bluetrals outside of PAPI?

Wanna contribute to the absolutely shittiest killboard in New Eden?

Wanna slowly go broke smashing yourself against blobs of hostile ships?

If you answered “yes!” to any of those questions … seek help. But also, join WR0NG!

What we offer:

  • The worst FCs you’ve never heard of.
  • Pings for fleets you can’t go on.
  • The worst advice given to you by over confident but grossly misinformed low SP players.
  • A JF service.
  • Some free ships … Some, not all… and only until we go broke.
  • ■■■■ talking on Discord.
  • A buyback system for loot and whatever.
  • Industry stuff? I dunno.
  • Communism and Soviet Russia Memes.
  • We drop dreads on stuff from time to time.
  • We have a strict RL comes first policy, no “divorce your wife and sell your dog red pen must attend” CTAs

What we’re looking for:

  • A pulse.
  • A microphone and the willingness and ability to use said microphone.
  • Be of legal age. No minors.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Not take yourself or the game too seriously.
  • If you are new-ish, a willingness to learn via explosion.
  • If you are a bitter vet, a willingness to mentor those learning via explosion.

Listen, we need the people, our standards are low… like really low. Join WR0NG today!



Been with these guys quite a while, and the Shenanigans are fantastic!

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Absolutely the greatest collection of people anywhere in EVE. Love this group.

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No Joke. Good people who refuse to take and/or are incapable of taking things too seriously. Properly functioning corp stuff. Solid merch.

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We’re still recruiting! Come chat us up!

Still open for recruitment of individual pilots as well as whole corporations.

We’re recruiting! Yeah!

Still recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations. Interested in null sec? Bring the whole family!

Actively recruiting people to lose everything they have trying to live in null sec … I mean… FUN!!

Still recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations. Come go broke with us!

Pilots of EVE, your personal/unfocused/incapable/otherwise-crap corp experience can be remedied by joining our larger/semi-focused/somewhat-capable/not-crap corp/alliance. You have little to lose and definitely something to gain by asking yourself: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Still recruiting!

Still recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations!

Still recruiting! Now with more explosions!!

Still recruiting!

looking to join, throw me a message in game

Did we ever contact you? Still interested?

Also, we’re still recruiting corporations and individual pilots!

Still recruiting! Come see why that one guy on reddit hates us!

Actively recruiting individual pilots and whole corporations! Come check us out!

I’m new, I’m awful, and my mic works. Let’s do this.

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