ISD Golem - If Hilmar can talk about it why can't we?

I see you closed my previous post about NRTs after 2 comments, I would like your personal thoughts on this article:

Probably to spare Hilmar more embarrassment.

You only need to look as far as the streamers who make more from playing games than developers do from building the games the streamers play, or the professional eSports athletes whose earnings fall somewhere between NBA and WNBA.

“Many gamers make a living from playing games,” Pétursson says.

I really hope that this guy realizes that these people can only make a living off of games because of people who have real jobs or earn real money in other ways so that they have money to spend on streamers and other content creators. Without that real money, these streamers would never be able to make a living. No game company can afford to pay 30000 streamers to advertise their products.


“Professional” “E-sports” “athletes”, that’s an oxymoron right there by definition.

The only thing it is is marketing.

Armchair olympian.

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