"Having a job" in EVE is the worst choice if you want to get rich. Just like in real life

I find it curious how the economy in EVE Online is a lot like that in real life, in almost every aspect.

Lets talk about this topic. In real life, there are several ways to get rich. But working in a regular job is not one of these. Same happens in EVE Online, you can be a miner, a missioner, a manufacturer, you say it. But one does not simply become trillionaire doing this kind of “job” or repetitive grind.

Scamming, market manipulation (for which you need a large wallet to begin with), or even meta-exploits are far more profitable as long as you don’t get banned that is.


What’s there to discuss?

Low-effort, surface-level activities bring in less than high-level, large-scale activities. Just a fact of life that persists even in the player-driven sandbox of EVE.

Ratting is kind of a regular job, and yet if you carrier rat in a wormhole you can potentially make like a billion isk every hour, which is okay i guess. You can also multibox rorquals which will net you quite a bit of isk too.

It all depends on the activity, and the risk. More risk, more reward. This is how EVE operates.

You’re a miner in real life?

There is enough average ways in eve to grind some isk and get enough for some market plays/manipulations or however you wanna call it. If you wanna build it up yourself it will just take you some time to get there.

You can definitely get to a trillion isk by doing repetitive eve jobs, mass rorq mining for one, wh farms another, high level trading or industry will make enough to get there as well. all of these will take you a few months or even years but you can get there. but if you want to become a guy with 10 trillion isk then you are just wasting your life if you go with a regular eve job to do so, the only way to get there with your brain reasonably intact is patch speculation imo

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