Doesn't Eve Online In-Game Financial Success , follow the same as Real-Life Financial Success?

Doesn’t Eve Online In-Game Financial Success , follow the same as Real-Life Financial Success?

Im quoting many blogs and books IRL :::

Earn income / Earn more / Raise your income in game can be a solution.

LIVE WITHIN your means, or especially live below your means - Many people seem to not follow rule 1 of Eve, fly what you can afford to lose. If you can afford 50 / 100 / 1000 of those fittings, then you will be gank proof?

Invest your money, or lose to inflation in game aka Isk faucets from all isk sources and ratting and incursions

TLDR :: Earn more or just keep earning / flip burgers IRL and buy plex to increase your earns / spend less and live within means and fly what you can afford to lose / invest wisely and diversity to beat inflation


For the most part. In both Eve and IRL the most accessible route to being super wealthy is to be given super wealth by a pre established player ie move in the correct circles or be born into it. CCP has floated pet players and even entire allinces through the years as they are ‘‘content creators’’.

The difference however IRL there is scope for a non player to acquire wealth in EVE however you need an omnipotent beings permission to both acquire wealth and keep it, it’s called CCP keep it happy or be banned.

In both Eve & IRL people lie about their self proclaimed success and meagre routes, see Jeff Bezo an heir to a giant ranching family who turned such meagre inheritance into the worlds largest online retailer or Donald Trump who started out in life with nothing more than a well established business empire & $1m cold cash. He was able to turn this into a well established business empire minus several $m cash and several bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings. Well to be fair he does seem a sound guy and got elected to interstellar council, he’ll probably go for it twice.

EVE’s IRL equivalents are probably Goons who have carved success from their own merits and have at no stage required CCP’s direct intervention in their conflicts with bans against their opponents or mid war game changes. DDOS’ng servers is kinda like US style lobbying.

Getting opponents banned is like bribing & threatening the Olympic regulators. US & UK athletes have widely knowing doping programs and so does Russia. The difference is Russian athletes drugs are on banned lists but the UK/US drugs are not on the list and its just a shame 80% of their athletes need medicinal steroids for their asthma or high levels of psycho active drugs for prescribed mental conditions in gymnastics. Gigx gets banned for a pretty minor threat online, Mittani gets a slap on the wrist for a serious threat to life IRL, multiple times & once on a ■■■■■■■ platform.

IRL you can exploit 3rd world people and the poor to some extent, in EVE you get to bot with CCP’s permission.

So eve is kinda like RL.


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