EVE Online lessons for real life - What EVE has taught me

  • Trust no one.

  • Big fish eats little fish. But 100x lil fish eat the big one.

  • If you have no goals, life is utterly boring. Establish your goals, man.

  • Working is slavery and useless for earning real money. Trade (become an entrepreneur) and get rich.

  1. Turst no one.

  2. hate everyone

  3. hate changes

  4. Instead of drinking beer or soda drink tears

  5. Care Bears is not only a tv show

  6. Why work when you can steal

  7. Never be nice to anyone

  8. A game about spaceships is just like real life.


This is about the only useful bit that may apply to real life.

Everything else posted is just pessimistic about the real world. We’re not that dystopian, at least not yet…

90% of businesses fail in like the first 3 years. Besides, it’s impossible for the world to have 7 billion people who are all millionaires. There are not enough resources and productivity in the world. Perhaps someday when all work is taken over by robots, we may have some sort of utopia… just hopefully the robots don’t become our overlords…

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  • People care to much about pixels.
  • People play “game” not for fun.

um you know eve is a game right ?

Honestly the amount of time it takes to get what you want in eve be it isk or that carrrier or what ever you worked so hard it stops becoming a fun game and instead a job you hate. hence why I quit eve 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did.

Well then, Maria, you were doing it wrong. However, good on you for not keeping doing it.

OP, chances seem high that you are young and have lived a safe life. Good for you.

  • A friend that can hurt you but doesn’t is a closer friend than one that can’t.

  • If you’re too stupid/lazy to get what you want, whining unfortunately does work sometimes.

  • The culture of ‘everyone gets a medal’ obfuscates and devalues the skill and ability of individuals.

  • Being a good leader is not just being knowledgeable but also engaging and entertaining, perhaps even more so.

  • Quantity has a quality all its own.

  • Organising large groups is best done by KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Instructions a monkey could follow are best.

To many people care about whats fair. All men are created equal, after that creation nothing is equal or fair deal with it.

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EVE Online lessons for real life - What EVE has taught me:

There is no such thing as a powerful individual. They all sh!t from the backside, they all drink from the hole in the front of their head… If you got in to a fist fight with them, you’d probably win…

The only thing that separates them from you is the size of their BLOB.

RL lesson: Don’t fight someone that has a bigger blob. You’re not fighting them, you’re fighting their fodder.

Eve has taught me to always check what is on the other side of the gate before walking through. Especially when in a rough area…

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EVE taught me how to successfully steal people’s stuff and get away with it. :thinking:

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