How to get rich in Eve?

How to get rich in Eve?

Increase Income + Reduce Spending at the same time? Fly what you can afford to lose?

I think a lot of income or buying a plex is worth nothing if your spending is too high and spend it all?

I feel like it all follows real life Personal Finance.

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Hi sir!
I don’t know what you are really askin about…
But yes, if you spend more than you earn. You end up with nothing.

How to get rich: Define Rich. Alot of ISK? I felt rich when I had my first billion.
There are lots of ways to get ISK in EVE. I’m not going to discuss which is the best. But YOU have to decide how you want to play your game. If you like shooting stuff, mining, trading, exploring, hauling, manufacturing… They all will bring you ISK in some way more or less.

If your spending more than you earn. You have to stopp spending or reduce it to a level where you can expand wallet and increas income while training skills or getting better at what you do. Learning the ropes of being efficient. Like this example; Fitting your ship properly so you don’t have to warp out of a site. Or being better to chose items to trade.

You always fly what you can afford to lose.
Check youtube; there are alot of guides there on making ISK.

Fly safe!


Like in real life … but it’s a lot easier.


Hello thanks boys for the quick replies, I +1 both of you. Yes I meant get Space Rich of tons of billions and hopefully 1 day a Trillion.

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Yes my biggest problem in real life, is I work decently hard at 32 to 40 hours a week nonstop for months but I barely make over poverty line, for Health food store farmers market clerk.

I already cut out so much in my life. No netflix, no vacations, no cable or satellite tv, no next gen console, no big smartphone such as Iphone or Galaxy. And I still barely get by.


To be more specific … trade, speculation, owning big manufacturing business, ruling a state as dictator. As said, like in RL. :wink:


I can see you edited your post with
[quote=I feel like it all follows real life Personal Finance.

You mean PLEXing? Buying PLEX for real money and selling ingame to be rich?
Some do, some doesn’t. You can see by the PLEX price rising since it came out. The demand for PLEX are higher than the supply. Meaning people buying PLEX for ISK is more than those who sell them.

If you are a relative new player. Selling a PLEX for ISK can be a good start, no doubt. Thing is(my opinion) you don’t know how to manage it. So you’ll probably spend it all on bad investment and loosing ships you don’t know how to fit and fly.
Starting from scratch will give you a learning curve going almost straight up. Billions will come without spending real life money. I do recommend subscription. With an Alpha clone it get’s harder when maximum skills are trained. + It goes faster with Omega…


EVE is easier :smiley: You can be a rich bastard there. Maybe also learn alot about markets and trade psychology…

For omega accounts, PI is a good start.

Pain to set up, but once it is you can make about a 800m-1.2b a month by using all 3 toons on your account with an hour or two of upkeep.

But, it doesn’t really scale. That 1b a month is the same regardless of if you have a few billion in assets to play with or a trillion.

Things like reactions and manufacturing can make a lot of isk and jobs keep ticking even when your toons aren’t logged in… but they require a fair amount of market knowledge and capital to make work.

Station trading is also fairly AFK (need to be on to update orders, but orders stay up for 3 months). It also scales with the amount of isk you invest and the amount of time you spend updating orders.

If your game is to amass isk… PI early… then move to trading and manufacturing as you build capital. Stuff from ratting/exploration… that’s just gravy if that’s what you enjoy with active playtime. Or go blow up ships instead.


Buy and fit a Heron for exploration. Take big chances by scanning down wormholes and make your way either into nullsec, or exploring wormhole space itself. Return with salvage, and celebrate as you make your first 200 million

Invest in PI char’s, invest in t3 cruiser’s and arm your self with knowledge from all wikies and guide’s and do things that no one else does :]

Having fun in this game is more important than isk. If you are having fun then you are rich. There are people playing this game who never have much isk, fly very cheap ships always - but have fun. There are people playing this game who have hundreds of billions of isk perhaps because the things that are enjoyable to them make isk.

In short - prioritize fun for yourself over chasing video game money.


Send me all your ISK and I double it. Repeat until you’re space rich. :smirk:

Satisfaction guaranteed.* :wink:

*results may vary


Sooooooooooo… serious response:

There are many ways to make money and get rich in EVE.

Before I can present some of those ways, I need to ask you a question first:

Do you consider yourself “ethical,” “unethical,” or “flexible” depending on the circumstance?


Like in real life: You have to invest a real lot of money and go for risks to get awfully rich. And you have to economise carefully to avoid being poor. So if you get yourself 1.4 billion ISK via Plex (20 bucks atm), that’s good for a start, now you can move values on market and/or afford a nice gear for Industry. If you just try to be a miser, you won’t get rich. BUT: You won’t lose everything either - gankers and esp. scammers love rich but clueless miners and industrialists.

I for myself invest all my ISK in ships and fittings. Next project: Interceptors, a brand new Taranis is waiting for its skills to complete :slight_smile: my ISKs have never been above 250 m this way…

If you want to get rich via industry you need lots of industry char’s, the strength of industry is that it doesn’t need much active time which makes it viable to have 10-20 industry char’s and manage them all, just make sure not to turn it into a real job or you will hate the game :P.

P.S. It’s a lot of investment getting all those char’s skilled up thou… and to setup PI initially is also a pain in the but, but once its going its quite satisfying having your own empire :].

Absolutely nothing beats selling PLEX, bought with real life money. PI is deadly boring, just as station trading in PvP game. 0,01 ISK trade wars are for people with badly hurt selfesteem. You should ask yourself “what activity entertain me more” instead of “what activity will earn me more ISK”, IMHO.

Some people like to shoot defenseless ships and use alt to pick up the loot of suicide gank attack. Activity like fishing… You like fishing? I do not.

Some people are fond of nomadic life of an explorer… Hacking, hacking, get caught and blown, scanning and hacking again. You visit diferent corners of new Eden and make some small ISK in process.

Opposite approach is building the sandcastle somewhere in null and defend what you’ve built.

Combined approach is build your sandcastle in the wormhole. Combat anomalies in up to C3 wormholes are soloable in fast ships (40 mil every 10 minutes = 240 milions per hour in proper ships), C4 - in maradeur class ships (80 mil every 10 minutes = 480 milions per hour)…

Of cause if you want the luxus to have PvE, when you are in the mood for PvE and PvP when you are in the mood for PvP (and not opposite), you have to join FW corp and run L4 security mission to make ISK in friendly high sec.


Sit in Jita or Amarr:

-Isk Doubling
-Secret box contest
-Sell ships pretending they are navy ships


-Join Corp… Gain trust… Take everything, rinse repeat.

Also sell those blue glowing missiles or whatever as skill injectors. :smiley:

Trading will get you those hundreds of billions and so forth,it’s just boring as hell.I traded for about 2 years in jita at the end I made off with about 300bil.Another way would be a very good elaborate scam but nowdays the whole’bank’ stuff has been done way too much.