Making isk but still poor

i made 240M over the last 30 days but my wallet is only 5M because my expenses so what im hoping is that i can stop having expenses so i can get ahead because at this rate i will neever get my phantasm

If you post what your “expenses” are maybe we can help you reduce them.
Also don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.


It’s a Westfarhn alt of alt making another stupid post.


Poor is just a mindset.



that is your problem ! 30 days for 240 million ISK … some ppl doing this in a hour but lets start doing this on a day and you are ok. its not that hard to do it per day

Could you share a bit more about what you did? Perhaps then people can help you.

How many hours did you play those 30 days to get that 240 million?
What did you do to get the 240 million?
What expenses did you spend 235 million on?


This is bait! No wallet screenshots so we can’t take anything (in this thread) as truth.

First rule of business is to have accurate documentation of income/expenses.

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The game, today, is designed to make all effort in nearly every playstyle ISK negative. Almost mimicking the global economy that relies on debt… and, just like the real world, there are the lottery winners and those who break the rules to get ahead…

Welcome to Eve Online 2023… even less fun than actual life.

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Funny, my wallet seems to go up, or at least stay stable.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

Right, I see where it goes wrong. You’re playing a game you regard as fun.

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To invest “help” in you is a bad investment. Poor is a mindset and you have already shown that you have a poor mindset. Work with what you have. You should just be nice and try to have fun instead of compete.

Some people log in to the game to play internet space ships. The only time others log in is for the sole purpose of gathering evidence to prove they are right in an inconsequential forum ego fight.

If you are making your play to become the new queen of the forum, you are doing it right.

Gratz…I guess.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Could be worse, could be the ever contrarian signing his own posts.


–Gadget Nods

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Rent a cheaper office. Today I saw as cheap as 400k in HS. Somwhere between Jita and Bourynes with 2 slots left.


I LITTERALLY RAN INCURSIONS YESTERDAY Made like 400mil in about 2hrs. Spent like 3-5mil in t2 hybrid charge ammo. :joy: This makes my list. Right up there with the “ore I mine is free” statement.

I will give you a chance to back that statement up. What caused you to write this? What was the thinking? Why do you say I am running in the red?

THE ONLY TIME we had a PVE event when ISK GAIN WAS NEGATIVE is the trig war due to the high Edencom ammo cost and the low value loot. (aka I am shooting ammo worth more than the NPCs :joy:)

Yah this is more accurate. :100:

That 400mil I made now buys less than 400mil made in 2021 sadly. :cry: I have to play EVE more and make more ISK than I used to in order to stay omega. We had a really great time when Omega was like 1.5-1.7bil? Was that in 2022? It was pretty low before price hike.


Income types I have:

HS combat exploration for when I want to chill (and chat in Rookie). Generally 50-80M/h (too much chatting).

Abyssals in HS about 150M/h. Don’t do this often because it’s less chill, can’t chat and it’s not like I need the isk.

Loot (and the odd ransom) from HS customers. Income unknown, variable and not really that important.

Seems just fine imo. It’s never going to make me “rich” but I don’t care about numerical goals and I’m having fun. Beyond that I don’t fly really expensive stuff and don’t care for caps. Not plexing certainly helps with that, not interested in turning a game into a job.

Notseeingtheproblem. Perhaps have more modest and realistic goals.

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Think you pretty much answered your own question with this statement:

Wanted to get his thought process behind that quote. I obviously know inflation is a thing.

It’s more than just inflation…

CCP has been nerfing everything for years and years now. Pretty much started back with their war on ‘Gun Mining’ which then moved on to replacing mods in loot drops with ‘Scrap Metal’ along with nerfing the amount of loot as well as the amount of wrecks holding loot. Also nerfed the spawn tables for exploration sites. Not to mention the nerf on Research Agents and Data Cores. Then there’s the ‘Balancing’ BS they’ve done to modules and ships which mostly involves nerfing. Course don’t forget ‘Scarcity’ and all the other recent changes done to Mining, Manufacturing and Trade careers.

Bottom line - CCP needs to make money as well as have large sub and log-in numbers for the stockholders so yeah, everything has been nerfed, basically making this game a royal pain in the arse time sink.