After returning after a 5 year absence

I joined FW for the PvP, and I can’t do incursions anymore, which is fine cause I can station trade for my money? well I cant alter any orders without losing all the profit, its not really any fun anymore… I don’t see how I can get any money at the moment, I looked into building some of these blueprints and the materials cost as much as the items- how do people make money with this? also my research points (datacores) sat for 5 years and earned me a grand total of 700 million ISK, what the world happened to research points? am i doing it wrong? i thought I’d come back to like 50 billion ISK, when i saw the return for it i laughed out loud. the game has changed so much, it feels like all these changes are geared towards making less experienced players either shoot red boxes for 100 hours a month or pay the sub fee… that’s how I feel, like I’m being herded towards the credit card slaughter house… can I have some freaken money ccp?


It sounds like what you’re actually saying is you took 5 years away from the game, came back and you’re still no better at the game than you were 5 years ago.

If you can’t afford to sub, don’t know how to make ISK, haven’t researched the changes to the game, and somehow expected that leaving your account to stagnate for 5 years would result in 50 billion ISK of research points, I would suggest you spend a little more time learning how the game works, and less time asking CCP to start handing you rewards for being a non-player.


Instead of just being negative:

Welcome back capsuleer, five years is a long time away and there are many changes and challenges that have been good and bad for the isk faucets and I’m sure with some time getting back from the 5 year break some of your skills will still serve you well.

Money is tight for many right now but there are still opportunities available to plex your account without having to sub, although the research did not payout the isk expected that is still a great chunk of change to help you get a great start, spend some time getting to know the game again and you will still find that CCP has still given us options so we can still plex our account.

Again welcome back.

See, no need to be so negative.


My understanding is that the current way to make money is running abyssal filaments. They are like missions - except you need a special item to open up the site.

I haven’t tried them, but people keep coming on here talking about their profits.

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Welcome back Capsuleer,

Unfortunately this is a time of chaos with New Eden currently experiencing diminishing resources, increasing taxes, roving invasions, hostile occupations, pirate fob’s, etc.

However as some have pointed out, there’s still various ways to make a profit. I hope you have a long rewarding career and may you have much success and good luck during these trying times.


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Take a wild guess.

Learn how to play the game or buy PLEX.

Hold my three beers.

You mean that you’re not a fan of CCP skimming 10% of an order’s value every time you modify it in a “cheapest sells first” system in a single-shard environment that houses more players than most cities in the world have people?

Yeah, I don’t know what CCP was thinking with these new market fees either. If anything, they made botting more necessary to be able to compete on the market. But then again, my theory has been that CCP are the ones who own most of the bots anyway.

If I disappear tomorrow, please delete my browser history.

This is the “minerals I mine are free, lol!” effect. You see, past a certain point when gaming only attracted the nerds and geeks of society, it now attracts the mainstream, which is a demographic that consists of plaid-wearing hipsters catching a few levels of their favorite indie platformers on their MacBooks while smashing craft IPAs at their local eco-pubs, dads who buy “tactical” baby gear, gamer gurls (not simply “girls who like to game”, but “gamer gurls”, there’s a difference), and Fortnite tweens only in it for the memes and dancing.

With this new demographic come a worldview and set of street-smarts not shaped by the adversity of having to defend your tokens in versus matches of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at seedy arcades, but of iPhones, Facebook, and suburban lethargy. So the fact that these people have no understanding of Keynesian economics, respect for the value of time, or even a shred of common sense or self-preservation instinct shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And thus, the minerals they mine are free. Because what else would they spend their time on? Making the world a better place? No, that’s for someone else to do, after they make known the need for action with their once-yearly marches through the downtown streets, before stopping by the local Starbucks to discuss, over $8 macchiatos, which celebrity should be canceled next.


The data cores they mine are also free, you know. How are you not yet with the program?

Plus, there are just too many people out there slaving away for a dollar, and not nearly enough people rolling those dollars up to use as cocaine PvP delivery systems. I say: be the change you want to see.

Well pal, you’ve got a couple of choices here:

  • You can join the miners/grinders/farmers. The best part is that you’ll be spending time with normal, well-adjusted individuals, just like those with whom you work at your daytime office job.
    The worst part is that you’ll be spending time with normal, well-adjusted individuals, just like those with whom you work at your daytime office job.
  • Take the goyim route and buy some PLEX. Yes, you’ll have to skip a few real lunches in order to be able to afford the gaming micro-transaction equivalent of culinary gold leaf, but can you really put a price on not being one of those filthy carebears?
  • Finally, you can unshackle the chains that bind you to a life of financial servitude in EVE, even if that real-life college debt will still never go away. You just have to realize who the true enemies really are.

    What I’m talking about, of course, is a bit of the old ultraviolence. You see, you don’t actually need a lot of money, if all you’re using for is as kindling for the fire that will let you watch the world burn! It doesn’t take a whole lot to fit a Stabber to bump some miners, or to fit a few Thrashers for your pod-ganking alt. No one is truly innocent. so revel in the chaos! Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell! Besides, what are you afraid of anyway? Are you afraid of being labeled a sociopath? Do you think you’ll start spiraling down and going crazy in an orgy of blood? Silly goose, you’re not a Targaryen, haha. I did it, and look at me, I turned out fine! And if you’re so poor that you absolutely can’t do any of these things, you can engage in the best EVE content of all: the forums.

You’re asking the wrong people.



See ? At least there’s one aspect of the game that hasn’t changed over the years, and that is:

A breeding ground for toxic morons.

Welcome back to Eve.

If you want money in Eve without all the farming, just get a good paying RL job and buy Plex/Sub, and only pvp 3 times a week.

Some people pay 350$ plus a year to play in a sports club, so this is somewhat the same if you can allocate a yearly budget for Eve, but that depends if you have other extracurricular activities or can afford both Eve and something else.

Never forget that this is a gambling game at its core, and was always designed so. It is pretty much playing poker in space, it is designed for you to lose, all the time.

So, providing you are also fine with literally “burning” that RL money on virtual pixels that you will always lose and gamble with ingame, all in the name of “fun”, and providing at least 20% of those pixels don’t end up burning to F1 blobs and killboard whores/bads ingame, then you “should” be ok …

If you were to ask me though, I found I could get a lot more fun for my bucks, by actually paying and going to a RL sports club, than burning anymore cash and time on this steaming dungpile of a “game” environment.

Remember just one thing, you only got one life, that life is pretty damn short, and that before you know it, you’ll hit 40.



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Most of your posts, where you point fingers at others for being what you describe, you’re just as bad as them and thus actually worse because you think you’re better than them.


Where do you see me say I don’t see myself included in that lot ?

I absolutely HATE myself when I play/interact with this game and its people, and for good reason.

I greed for power online, just like everyone else, and the internet anonymity helps but at the same time, it does’t.

You just pointed the finger also and attempted to “better” me with it, so you fall in the same category, and there’s no way to counter-compare any of it because you and I will likely never meet. It will remain at the stage of throwing each-other anonymous posts in a forum about some video game.

The only difference lies in that I am conscious and accept this about myself in this context, whereas most people think they’re above themselves in that regard and equate it to a RL interaction, when it’s not.

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I’m talking about your posting and your pointing of fingers about other’s posting. So far you’re either on par or far more toxic than the ones you accuse of being toxic. The fact that you completely ignore that obvious fact and my obvious statement and take an utterly different angle in your reply shows you’re in denial.

Practise what you preach, I’ll leave it at that.


No you wont.

See you in the next posts, either in reply to this one, or to someone else’s in some other thread, from the exact bellicose motive I mentioned, and which you just displayed again, and which, again, nowhere have I said being exempt from it myself, you’re inventing that to suit your posting motive and appearance as a smartass, nothing more.

So herein lies what you’d keep trying to base your meaningless posting from …

You are just the same.

We are all the same, some deny it, some don’t.


Now, choose life *

*May contain content not suitable for all audiences, and nuts.


And because everyone is doing Abysall sites or no one has got any money. The arse is falling out of the market for abyssal loot.

“….But then again, my theory has been that CCP are the ones who own most of the [market] bots anyway…

More truth to this than anyone cares to admit, and the truth of it makes the market a giant joke. You’d think some people would have integri…aw…nvm.

EDIT: Oh yes! Welcome back! Fly safe! Have fun!

What are you talking about? NPC mining fleets cannot be bots . . . wait . . . can they?

There is the toxic community from EVE that everyone loves…

■■■■ you

when i saw how much you typed i just ignored it, condense your thoughts next time and maybe i’ll read them.

everyone else- thanks for the replies. nice to see the forums haven’t changed.


Research agents got changed for precisely the reason that poeple just set them running and then cashed out after a while. It was more passive and involved less gameplay than old moon moning.

Changing market orders got nerfed because it was a no brain process that favoured bots. Playing the market has a little more strategy to it now.

If you want to make isk, you can earn plenty running sites in faction warfare though.