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(Abaris Fagimasad) #1

I don’t know if I’m quite ready to make the jump yet but I’m very interested in participating in the ISD but I have a few questions about the program.

  1. Can you only be a member of one volunteer team at a time?
  2. Is adding “ISD_” to the start of your name a requirement?
  3. Can you be a member of ISD and also another corporation?

Thank you!

(ISD Sakimura) #2

You can read about and apply to become an ISD

(Abaris Fagimasad) #3

Yes, thank you, however that page does not answer any of my questions, which is why I posted in here.

(Cygnus Parud) #4

It’ll be an entirely new account with an ISD only character on it. Also you can not run a normal account while your ISD one is online. So you’re not changing your current character or account, you’re given a new one for it that MUST be entirely separate from everything else.

(Abaris Fagimasad) #5

Interesting, that’s very good to know. Thank you!

(ISD Sakimura) #6

Yes, you can be a member of multiple ISD Teams. However you might want to think about it, this would get you extra responsibility and require more of your time to keep up with the requirements.

Yes it is. However when creating the ISD account, all you have to do is choose the Name, create you character like you normally would, and CCP will set everything up for you, like adding the “ISD” to the character and grant access to all relevant tools that you need to do you “job”.

Not sure what you mean by this? If you mean be ISD and have you player account(s), the answer is yes, but as stated, you may not be on your player accounts while doing ISD work.

To be perfectly clear, under NO circumstances can anyone find out the affiliation between ISD account and Player Account(s).

(Abaris Fagimasad) #7

I didn’t know until @Cygnus_Parud’s reply that ISD accounts are entirely separate from one’s personal accounts. Now it all makes a lot of sense, thank you!

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