ISD volunteering Discussion

Do You agree or Disagree? Please Explain. I create this thread not to troll. I create this thread because it’s a good topic and not to be discussed at the botting thread. You can also post any comment related on ISD and forum rules.


Do you also think moderators on reddit are employees of reddit? Or moderators on a Facebook discussion group are employees of Facebook?

@Shea_Tzestu I created a thread about your concern on ISD volunteering. Thank You.

You people are just being silly now.

Maybe educate yourselves before posting.


Yeah modern day slavery is silly, stop being silly. CCP already bought an award saying they were a great place to work at.

Also having a forum topic opened with a quote, do I get a badge? I feel that should be badge worthy.


The entire purpose of corporations is to extract excess value from employees. Volunteers are the ideal employees because the overlords can extract nearly 100% of the value. :+1:


Working as an eve ISD & meeting management.

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We are rewarded for our volunteer time, some of the rewards as CCP Aurora stated here are ability to cruise around in the Polaris frigate during public events. Nice comfy view to enjoy the sites.

But those aren’t why we sign up for this position, I love the game, and I don’t mind contributing a couple hours each week to support other features of it.

Like Aiko stated, moderators on reddit, or discord servers or facebook groups all give their free time to support something they enjoy.


Are players allowed to tell their corpmates that they are ISD?

Like, do you, on your main, go up to a guy and say “Hey, I have an ISD alt, wanna grab drinks later and maybe come up to my captains quarters for some late night fun?”

@Solonius_Rex Nope. I don’t even know the other ISDs mains

All my corp mates know is that I log in, do my things to make money, so I can shoot some ships with them and log off. Basic eve play


Is it against the rules to do that?

Yes, we sign an NDA that list what we can and can’t disclose, just like the CSM does for their volunteering.

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Oddly the only ISD to be a known public personality did not work out too well.



Mint… Chocolate chip ice cream flavored girl?

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I forgot all about Mintchip, used to watch her channel all the time, that was a long time ago. I feel old.

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Yikes, this thread is about to get really bad, isn’t it?


I think its been long enough. Most players wont even know what were talking about, anyways.

Those of us that do are now so bitter and jaded that we’ve given up caring.

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I had completely forgotten about that controversy, I remember reading that thread live as it blew up, never seen anything like it before or since.

There is no where near the number of players using the forums now to create a thread like that again.

I’ve been waiting for years for an opportunity to use my “throwing out the gamer girl with the gamer girl bathwater” joke, and you people won’t take this away from me!