Island Monkeys - Small Gang PvP with all the Fun (C3/NS EU TZ)

When your corp breaks driftingloot. Need a better reason to join us?

Still looking!


Still looking!

Still looking!

To the top!

Resurface the thread!

Currently #13 on Driftingloot null/wh in our tz!

Hit us up.

Become a gibbon today. Don’t monkey around.

Still looking for more!

Still looking for capable pilots!

Still looking!

Sign up today. Get a banana!

The search continues…a couple more!


The search continues. Join ISMON discord and have a chat!

#12 At the moment. We need a boost for top 10!

Clickety click here

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Top 10 now, Can you think of a better reason to join us. Trust me we have more fun than anyone else and witt way less number


Still looking for some new members!

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