ISO Miners, JF Pilots and more!

I represent Darkwing Deepspace Industries (henceforth referred to as “The Double D”), a Nullsec Industrial corp part of the Dead Heaven Syndicate PvP Alliance (henceforth referred to as “The State”). We work as a production giant seeding the local nullsec and Jita Market Hubs while providing a defended and well stocked area for our PvP brothers to return to.

Socially and ethically The Double D is centered around a close working relationship between the Corp and it’s Members. We want you to do what makes YOU happy and makes YOU money, all while providing valuable services to you, as a member, The State & its neighbors.

Do you prefer to spend your eve career Mining? We have access to an abundance of Juicy Moon Chunks, Voluptous Asteroid Ores and Huge Tracts of Ice Fields in our Nullsec Home found deep in the Drone Lands. Competent Miners, especially Rorqual pilots, are always a welcome sight in The Double D. Mining Ops are always well paid.

Do you prefer to do your part by killing thousands of Rogue Drones, making New Eden a safer place for All? We encourage it! Make sure to salvage their broken hulls though, we wouldn’t want them to be reassembled by their brethren. The Double D will even buy their remains from you with our corp Resource Buyback Program. Capital Rigs use lots of Salvage you know.

Do you like to dabble in PvP? We at The Double D provide the Home Defense for The State while they are off bringing terror to those folloish enough to cross their path. While not required to participate in them, we are free to assist them with their FleetOps and Roams. The Double D also will on occasion have it’s own roams throughout the region to assist our Neighbors should it be within our capabilities. We have an SRP program for ships lost through PvP content.

Are you a Free-to-Play Alpha Clone Pilot? Don’t feel intimidated by Nullsec*, we have programs in place to help pilots such as yourself forge their own path and can show you how to save up to Plex your own account with your daily activities, the fast and easy way!

*Please note that being an alpha in null comes with a steep learning curve, and requires patience. We will do our best to provide a quality environment to learn and grow.

We are also mostly made up of working adults and college students, so the atmosphere is Mature, Casual and possibly filled with movie quotes and pop culture references.

So how do you reach The Double D with Questions?

It’s super easy! Our Discord is a good place to start, simply ask for Rayven or Tympest and they can help get The process started. Be sure to mention that Klaire sent you from the Forums to receive a 50% reduction in application queue time! You may also Use our Discord Lobby to ask any questions you may have and they will be answered to the best our our knowledge and station ranking.

You can also Apply in game by searching for [DKWG] Darkwing Deepspace Industries or Eve-Mailing our CEO “Rayven Kaundur” and Ask him about getting an oppourtunity with The Double D.

The best Time to get a response is from 7am to 9pm Eastern US Time.

We look forward to seeing your application and Remember, Service Guarantees Citizenship!

[WARNING: Eve Online Experience May Change During Nullsec Play. Nullsec Interactions are not Rated by CONCORD. If you have an Allergic reaction to Nullsec, Wormholes, Blue Suns, or Ganker Tears consult your Doctor Immediately.

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