Let Double D and The State provide for you

Hello there fellow Space Meatsuits! You are all probably wondering why I have gathered you here, in this secluded dark alleyway. Well the wait is over, for I have traveled far and wide to bring you this message.

Are you a solo pilot looking to get your feet frostbitten in the cold reaches of nullsec? Are you part of a smaller corp that is in the process of failing? Well good news everybody!

I represent Darkwing Deepspace Industries (henceforth referred to as “The Double D”), a Nullsec Industrial corp part of the Dead Heaven Syndicate PvP Alliance (henceforth referred to as “The State”).

We want you, and those with failing corps, we want to absorb you. What are we looking for? As the State is a PvP Alliance we are primarily looking for pilots with Experience and Willingness to join in Combat events. We have a need for Bomber/BlackOps Pilots, Logi Pilots, and pilots with Small Gang and/or Large Fleet experience. When not currently engaged in PvP, those with Mining Skills are a welcome addition. If you are not into PvP, that is fine as well and you are still welcome, we need warm bodies supply our Forges and keep ADM levels up.

Socially and ethically The Double D is centered around a close working relationship between the Corp and it’s Members. We want you to do what makes YOU happy and makes YOU money, all while providing valuable services to you, as a member, The State & its neighbors.

We are also mostly made up of working adults and college students, so the atmosphere is Mature, Casual and possibly filled with movie quotes and pop culture references.

Now what can we provide for You?

  1. Content. That’s the bottom line. There are weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) combat ops you can join.

  2. SRP Programs. Doctrine fits are always covered. Everything else is on a case by case basis.

  3. Kill Bounties. Every kill you get has a payout value, paid monthly. (Some rules and conditions)

  4. Investment opportunities. The state provides rewards to those that invest in it.

  5. Dedicated Logistics. Your toys and needs will be delivered in a timely fashion.

  6. Resource buyback Programs. Sell your junk/loot to the corp and get isk back. There’s always money to be made.

  7. An increasingly seeded market. Feel free to help seed it further.

  8. A social experience like no other. seriously. You may not be prepared enough for some of the things we talk about in comms. But the camaraderie will never be higher.

*We are also looking for those with IT/coding skills or those that love to do Market PvP and have market analytical skills.

So how do you reach The Double D with Questions?

It’s super easy! Our Discord is a good place to start, simply ask for Rayven or Reaper and they can help get The process started. Be sure to mention that Loki sent you from Reddit to receive a 50% reduction in application queue time!

You can also Apply in game by searching for [DKWG] Darkwing Deepspace Industries or Eve-Mailing our CEO “Rayven Kaundur” and Ask him about getting an oppourtunity with The Double D.

The best Time to get a response is from 7am to 9pm Eastern US Time.

You can also Direct Message my Inbox with Questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge and Station ranking.

We look forward to seeing your application and Remember, Service Guarantees Citizenship!

^([WARNING: Eve Online Experience May Change During Nullsec Play. Nullsec Interactions are not Rated by CONCORD. If you have an Allergic reaction to Nullsec, Wormholes, Blue Suns, or Ganker Tears consult your Doctor Immediately.)

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