Darkwing Deepspace Industries is recruiting for nullsec

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Darkwing Deepspace Industries

Here at Darkwing, we are looking for like minded Individuals to assist us all in industrial conquest of the highest caliber. We can help fit that niche you have been looking for. With MULTIPLE corporate divisions you will find your desired location with which you can bring isk to your wallet and the market to its knees.

  • Mining and Processing-Responsible for all mining operations and ore reprocessing. Also provides Orca/Rorqual boosts for mining fleets.
    Chew rocks, spit ore, breathe dust.”

  • Industrial Light and Magic-Responsible for all manufacturing operations.
    It’s not magic, it’s pure science.”

  • Logistics & Infrastructure-Responsible for the corporate hangars, maintains offices in npc stations, blueprint management, planetary interaction and provides for supply route management."
    Can’t make it if you don’t bake it and you can’t bake it without the recipe.

  • Security and Special Operations- Responsible for system security, supply route security and special operations.
    We are the ones who will never be broken. With our final breath, we’ll fight to the death.

Members with years of experience in production/trade/resource processing and logistics.
We have experienced all EVE has to offer.
We are here to help you.

What we have to offer:

  • Fleet boosts are provided
  • Citadel/Engineering Complexes for increased refining yields
  • Salvage/Loot Purchasing Programs
  • Ore Purchasing Programs
  • Ship Replacement Programs*
  • Material support
  • Jump freighter support

Lets conquer the markets together. Fly with us today.**

Join this recruiting channel for more information>>Double D Human Resources

*From approved ship list/ or approved list from a Director
**Submit an application and send an eve mail with a full api key for review.

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We are looking for Nullsec Miners and PVP’ers.

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We are also currently looking for Jump Freighter pilots, please contact us in game for more info.

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Bump for recruitment.

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Looking for Nullsec Miners.

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Bump it up for the mining recruitment.

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We are still currently looking for industrialists for nullsec operations.

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We are also looking for PVP.

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Miners, industrialists, and PVP players are welcome.

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Eclipse day special, send in an application and have us review it!

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Looking for null space applicants.

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Bump it up.

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Apply today. Do it.

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We are looking for security forces for nullsec.

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Join us today!

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I am a returning player looking to get back into the action. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kaotik will show you I am an indy/miner but interested in learning PvP. I want to feel useful. I want a reason to log in. I have research slots open, manufacturing lines open, and planets ready to be exploited. You just say the word and tell me what you need and I will work on it. Not looking to make isk as much as I am looking for an opportunity to grow, learn, and help out.