Join Our Elite Sov Null Sec Corporation!

Recruiting Ratters, Miners and Industry Pilots.

Are you seeking an exciting and rewarding adventure in the vast universe of Eve Online? Look no further! Blacklisted… is actively recruiting passionate and dedicated pilots to join our ranks. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced capsuleer, we have a place for you in our thriving community.

Who We Are:

Blacklisted… is a thriving nullsec Mining/Industry corporation, specializing in extracting and refining valuable resources in the untamed regions of space.

We have established our presence in nullsec with two systems equipped with level 5 IHub upgrades for both military and industry activities.

Our organization offers a diverse range of mining opportunities, including weekly moon mining operations and Mercoxit mining in over 16 asteroid belts.

We have experienced Mining Boosters pilots who provide valuable support to our mining fleet, ensuring efficient operations and maximizing our productivity.

We provide comprehensive buyback programs for Ice, Ore, Moon, and Planetary Industry goods.

What We Offer:

A thriving community of like-minded pilots who value teamwork, support, and shared experiences.

Mentorship and guidance for both new and experienced players, helping you grow and excel in your chosen profession.

Well-coordinated operations and a robust infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

Regular contests and mining events to keep the competitive spirit alive within our ranks.

Who We’re Looking For:

Ratting Pilots: If you enjoy taking down hostile NPCs and engaging in combat, join our ranks and unleash your firepower.

Mining Pilots: Whether you prefer traditional mining or operating an Orca, our extensive mining operations will keep your cargo holds filled with riches.

Industry Pilots: Dive into the complex world of industrial production and contribute to our collective success.

Join Blacklisted… Today!

Ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in Eve Online? and become part of our close-knit community. Forge lasting friendships, achieve greatness together, and conquer the vast reaches of nullsec space!

To apply or learn more, join our Discord serverClick here for Discord. Our dedicated recruitment officers are standing by to assist you in joining our esteemed ranks.

Fly safe o7

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