ISO Null Sec home

Finding a Corp is like finding a new job. it looks great from the outside, but once your in you find the real deal.
I have a 23min Sp. mostly Indy toon that I want to build with. And one just over 20mil Sp that can explore rat, and needs to learn PvP.
looking for good mining, exploring, and building Corp that is active US EST. 20:00 eve time to 01:00 eve time.

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Check out Mostly uk based, but as part of a bigger alliance and colliltion TZ is never a problem.
Feel free to jump in discord and chat

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You should consider joining Aideron Robotics. They are focused on teaching people PVP and are active in US and EU timezones. However we also have the infrastructure for mining, exploration, and industry, including capital and supercapital production. If you’re interested, here’s our alliance’s Discord:

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