Isseras Wing Join Now

Im looking for a new and old players.
Looking for Miners , and Fight specialist.
Yes there is a ISK.
Yes there is a Work.
Yes if you are brand new i give you a Venture free … and if you lost it, give next one.

There is a project to do , so corporation going to have work.
Goal of Corporation-
-Establish a Mining Base in Lonetrek_Isseras :
We are going to build a Astrahus with active reprocessing module.
To do it We need players.
-Create a Mining Force :
There is always a lot to extract , we need team well organized.
-Provide AID Service :
There are better and worse days … every corporation player deserves support.
There are new players … every corporation player work to be light not a dark***Hole Goal to teach.

If you like to shot some pirates feel free , you can sit in Jita taking 4 4 in fleet …it is profitable.
When Corporation grow a PART of corporation going to go to low sec , we will still got a base in High Sec…our Focus Prosperity.

Too NEW PLAYERS … we all start same , from 0 to Hero don’t be afraid.
Too PLAYERS which leave corp … we offer a Work , and ability to meet new players.

Opportunity…Is up too you , it can be big… Say How do you feel.
Office - Isseras Minedrill Mineral Reserve.

CEO- BillMaster Oddolara