Issue deleting Third Party applications tokens

When I try to delete 3rd party application tokens I got the attached error screen:

(1) I am aware of the workaround (password change) to disable ALL third party tokens but I have several ones inc. corporate tokes as director and I’d rather not spend hours trying to fix the correct items. Not to mention that I also want to be able to check what tokens I have.

(2) Issue consistently exists on one account but not on several others. Also, I have a corp mate (only one at the moment I am aware of) who has the same issue with all his accounts.

(3) I went through browser cache, different pc, different browser attempts and so on.

(4) Request raised to support concluded that I should password change and when clarified that will have unintended result they encouraged me to post on forum and contact CSM… Bug report also submitted.

Does anyone have the same issue and is it widespread (as I know it is not only me) or even a solution somewhere?


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i get the same error page, when i try to manage the third party applications.
I tried it with three accounts, all got the same error.

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