Just came back after a year plus, so.... what's a token, what is a bash and how to refreshen

I see there is an internet melt down concerning “could not auto-refresh token” and not one single answer. I assume everyone must go through this, so… I got a “could not auto-refresh token” error relog issue… neat new feature.

remove your accounts, add them again.

It likely means the authentication process has been changed (eg public key from ccp modified)

Is it too much to ask that, when you don’t know how something works (public key crypto), you refrain from making up non-sense about it?

a cryptographer


I’m guessing you’re using the launcher you installed ages ago. CCP changed the internal account data structure not too long ago and that required entering all login credentials again. It should have wiped all your logins after the launcher update, but you could be some crazy edge-case. When in doubt, reinstall the launcher.

It’s either that, or the login server has hiccups again. Happens quite regularly these days. Basically if other people are complaining about it at about the same time you’re experiencing issues, the problem isn’t on your end but somewhere in-between or at CCP directly.

What did I say was wrong ? if CCP changes their public key, the authentication informations your store on your computer can’t be used .
I know that ctypto is used for communication, but can also be used for storing shared encrypted information ( eg session id ), which is much safer than storing the password of the user on his own computer.

I was just an example, you can use “certificate” if your prefer.

This sentence right here is wrong. Completely.

The login token isn’t stored encrypted. It would make no sense doing so. You wouldn’t gain anything but additional complexity.


Are you now linking Wikipedia pages to further proof your total cluelessness about the subject?

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Can you be less of an autist in this “pls halp meh” thread?

The auth mechanism CCP uses is OAuth2. Certificates are only used because the communication goes over https (hopefully). If CCP changes that cert then the client will automatically get the new one and will verify it (hopefully) against your systems root CA’s (or maybe they have their own which they bring with the installer, idk)

What happens when you get “could not auto-refresh token” has most likely nothing to do with the certificate. When you add your account the first time you will get a refresh-tocken. This tocken is then stored locally and valid for a long time. When you start a client then it will use the refresh-tocken to get an access-tocken. If the refresh-tocken is for some reason no longer valid you will get OPs error and you will need to get a new refresg-token by loging in your account again with the username/password.

If this is a widespread problem then CCP probably invalidated all the access tockens… But it seems strange that the client/launcher can’t handle that correctly and tell the user to login again.

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This is The_Dunning_Kruger. You see his name you already know what to expect from his post.

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Everywhere, people are complaining about information. This truely is the information age and it ‘‘seems’’ to be collapsing because of so much information and/or even misunderstood information.

There is also the lack of sympathetic emotion in correcting someone or trying to ‘‘help’’ someone.

My opinion: I think we should all be a little more sympathetic towards anyone and less ‘‘ready to bite their heads off’’, regardless of error.

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