Issue of local-powered gate camps?

FFS. Seriously bro. You are delusional.

Do you somehow think cherry picking my replies excuses your garbage? It doesn’t bro.

But I didn’t say all gate camps did I? Did you even read the thread?

LOL, you really are one of a kind, constantly accusing others of “not reading the thread” but when you actively ignore it to suit your story line that’s perfectly acceptable, apparently.

The problem with this ‘challenge’ is that once you are aware of the possibility of a camp in Frulegur continuing to mine ice in Hodrold (and haul it through the low sec system when it’s camped without the ability to break up the camp first) is an exercise in stupidity, why be stupid? There are plenty of other HS systems in Metropolis where you can mine and “safely” haul your 100 units of ice, Finanar, Eygfe and Asgeir to name a few, so I’m wondering what you’re trying to prove? Your ‘challenge’ is pointless, any capsuleer with half a brain would simply relocate their mining activities to lay on a less hostile route or change their hauling method.

Further to this, there are ~33 systems in range of Hroduko to which you could jump a JF then exit into the HS system next door to haul your ice to market, the main point being, as I and others have attempted to point out to you, there already are options/tools/etc in the game that you can use to avoid (to use your vernacular) permanent and semi-permanent gate camps if you are willing to put the time and effort in.


Why are you taking it so personally? It was Katya who was being accused, not you.

Of all the attempts to use my own words against me, precisely none of them are apt.

You even cut and pasted words directed at Gerard as if you took them personally as well.

I said what I said to everyone with specific valid reasons. You threw my words back at me why? Because you felt dominated by the simple truth of them and wanted to hit back? Seems so.

Let me let you in on an open secret. I am not here to make friends or soothe your spirit. I am here to get at the truth and I could not care less how you feel about it. Put your emotions aside. They are a hindrance. Stick to the point and discuss with a purpose with aim on the point. Trying to get some vengeance against me for making unpleasant but fair points won’t get us anywhere at all.


If you were really trying to get to the truth you would respond to more than the first line of any of the many posts that point out how off base your ideas and thoughts on the matter are, but you don’t, you insist on keeping it personal and responding to that which you feel are slights against you. Your actions constantly betray your words… did you even read the post! lol

Also the thought i’m trying to

:smiley: Why are you taking it so personally?

Because no, i’m simply pointing out the flaws in your ideas and responses to others. If you could only take your own advice (even just once) the thread would be better for it, i.e.

I guess when it comes down to it you don’t really have a valid response to the perceived ‘issue’ so I shouldn’t expect any more than accusations and requests to authority for a solution as you are simply incapable of putting any meaningful thought into responses on the forum, let alone solutions in-game… sad really.


What do you expect, he’s a highsec carebear that died to the Frulegur gatecamp once in 2017 and is on a holy forum war to destroy it. He’s never killed a pilot in anger outside highsec gankers the poor bear, best just to explain the flaws and leave him in his safe space.

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I, and many others, run Eve on Linux without difficulty, what version of Linux are you on ?


This makes zero sense. The number of responses and lines responded to is in no way a measure of truth or an attempt to get it at it.

Its bizarre claims like that that see me write short replies to single lines of quote, where the single line is mostly there to let everyone know what post I am responding to.

Even the quoted line was barely worth a response. The rest of your post definitely isn’t.

That’s a fascinating claim. I never played EVE all that much before then but had not played in years. I got roped in by a friend who I let lead despite my warnings that the route he chose was dangerous. It was a single player that killed us both. I thought very little of the loss. He loaned the ship for the trip and I expected things to go wrong. I died stupidly stuck on the gate cause I was too focused on my overview and never did willingly engage in combat up to then. I took no note of the specific system then, and as it was a single player I had no idea gate camps there were constant.

It was about two years later I discovered an actual multi-player gate camp there when I was interested in something on the market on the other side of that system. Then I started watching closely and learning about the camp. I only realized later that it was the same place I suffered my first PVP death.

Its bizarre that you think I took that loss so personal only to post about it years later. I would also post about the former gate camp that was in Niarja, but the Trigs destroyed that. Its history. Are there other semi-permanent gate camps now? IDK, but I suspect there are.

There is nothing personal here. I just think the whole thing is too static and not good for EVE. If I am guilty of anything, it might be over-estimating the number of such camps and their effect on EVE.

It’s at most as static as the station of Jita 4-4 as our main trade hub. Both are a direct result of static geography and security levels.

Do you think having a static trade hub location is as bad as having a static gate camp location?

If not, why is it different?

If yes, then we can agree.

A static point of distribution is different than a static point of destruction. But that does not really matter to your question I think.

I don’t have enough knowledge of all the gate camps in EVE to be sure, but I certainly think Jita is bad for EVE. As bad or even worse though, I can’t say. But perhaps we agree enough?

I agree that a more dynamic universe is welcome and shakes things up a bit. It seems CCP is trying to do that more (with triglavian invasions reducing security status, or moving storms to change systems in the area).

I’m not sure if the game really needs changing locations for market hubs or gate camps though. For players who know their environment and route, it’s nice to be able to use your knowledge to reduce the risks you take. Not everyone is suited to a life in EVE where all the locations are random.

And people who do wish a more changing universe and more random locations, they have wormholes, Thera or more recently, Pochven to live out from.

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How can it be any other way ? The communication of data has to occur in order for the servers to present back to all parties what is happening.

If the servers dictated the ‘central time’ of module activations from all players (for example the middle of the second or tick) then there’d be an even bigger lag as you’re introducing an air gap that means low ping players now have an extra half second before something happens, and any players over a particular ping who would have, in current mechanic, been in the same tick, would miss the threshold and get pushed into the next tick, also with an air gap. All you’re really doing is pushing everyone to the right and potentially adding extra time between in game occurrences.

That would have the effect of making the game jumpier and seem sluggish as players would be clicking and stuff would be happening on screen half a second later than it currently does. The high ping players don’t benefit, it doesn’t even it out for them much, because their data still has to travel for longer to the server and back anyway, there’s no shortening that.

You can’t change the laws of physics.

I am kind of a newbee in eve. Eventhough I played earlier I stopped playing after meeting first gate camp and loosing whole cargo. Now I’m back again and decided I will learn how to manage them. I spent last several days setting bookmarks and trying to find out the gate’s physics. I thought I know enough. It appears I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: again I lost cargo. The same spot, the same people… I is annoying. Looking for some explanation please :slight_smile:
I fly a stripped off ship - thorax - jump through the gate - have bokmarks on the other end so that I have where to warp in a straight line - click to warp and the moment I click I find myself stopped because of webs and unable to warp.
What am I doing wrong? is “avoiding” the only option? And please spare me explaining I am noob and this game needs practice - I came here to learn.

When you jump a gate, you’re completely stationary on the other side. So it takes the full align time to enter warp (no matter the ship direction).

A ship with align time under 2 seconds is incredibly hard to catch, as the server doesn’t have time to process the lock and warp disrupt commands (except in extreme circumstances mentioned earlier in the thread).

Any ship can fit a cloak and an MicroWarpDrive, align to the desired point and immediately cloak and activate MWD. When the MWD cycle ends, you can immediately decloak and warp. You don’t spend enough time visible during this maneouver to be targeted (unless the enemy ships can quickly charge at you and de-cloak you themselves).

Outside of these tactics, it’s near impossible to go through a properly prepared gate camp. You’re better off going around another route, or perhaps send a fast aligning scanning ship to scan a way through wormhole space if there is no alternate gate route.

Bookmarks on the dangerous side do help, but when warping to a dangerous gate you risk being smartbombed or chased through, so going via a bookmark to check out the situation can save your ship.

thanks for this tip. I found a decription here: Cloak trick - EVE University Wiki
unfortulnately, this trick is reserved for Omega acc only :confused:
thanks anyway, I will just avoid this place leaving me with just a bt of frustration. Last time it took me out of the game for two years. Will see how about this time :slight_smile:

oh. I found it is one of the most violent system in eve :stuck_out_tongue: (frulegur) and after looking through the unlucky ones (Metropolis - Frulegur - Recent Kills - DOTLAN :: EveMaps) it appears, that this trick does not work there - there are ships with cloak II and MWD onboard.

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The solution of course it to move to J-space since wormholes have SuPeR lOcAl

You can get through gate camps like that, but not with every ship. Your Thorax is likely to get caught while it is accelerating to warp speed (as this takes multiple seconds).

Any ship that can align below 2 seconds is much more likely to survive such a gate camp. These ships will generally be frigates with inertia stabilizers in the low slots, or a Sunesis.

Gates make noise when used.
They’re not necessarily looking for local to know if someone jumps in. There’s usually more than one gate per system, so local doesn’t give a very good indication of use.
Noise does.