Issue with launcher after new patch

As i was trying to log in after todays downtime session, i got this message. Could you give me some suggestions on how to fix it?

Listed in order of effort involved. Fortunately, the easiest option is also one that has worked for other people with the same problem.

  1. Verify integrity of downloaded files
  2. Instead of deleting the contents of your cache folder, move them to another location. If it doesn’t fix the problem, move the contents back in order to restore all your client settings.
  1. Use the free version of Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Eve, and then reinstall Eve. It will scan your computer for leftover files and registry entries, and can sometimes do the trick when a regular uninstall from the control panel doesn’t.

Please come back and tell us how you managed to fix it. Might help the next person with the same problem.


Managed to solve the problem, by simply uninstaling the game, and then instaling it back. Hopefully problem wount apear again. Thx, for the sugestion, will keep them in mind.

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