It Burns When I'm PvPing , Low-Sec Alliance recruiting all TZs

It Burns When I’m PvPing is now recruiting. We are a pirate alliance based in the Sinq and Metro regions, but we fight and kill anywhere we can find it. We are mostly US Tz but we are actively looking to expand our EU Tz.

What we offer is.

Laid back fun environment
Great FCin
Gate Camping (If that’s what you’re into)
Small and large gang PvP
Blops almost nightly
Merc work
Great money making opportunities

What we require is.

No drama
most importantly you have to have fun.

If you’re interested in joining, or have any further question please join the in game channel “It Burns Pub”.


FUN bunch of Guys… lots of chat, fights, minin, FIGHTS… Gatecampin… FIGHTS… Ice Mining… FIGHTS… did i mentions FUN… Really easy going…none of this Screaming FC’s etc… Come visit… and help us get more mining done…(cough cough)… FIGHTS…

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Sounds like a blast!


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You know you wanna come PvP with us. It doesn’t burn that bad.

Join FETID we are awsome


Hi there.

Mail sent. :sunglasses: